LAYOUT UPDATE: Weekend Work Update

This weekend I had the chance to spend some time in the layout room, working on various projects. The first one was adding the flextrack mainline that connects the Kato Unitrack on the helix to the track on Level 1, the eastern end of Western Avenue Yard I received another Walthers Steel Overpass kit, which I am using to build the underpass underneath Western Avenue Yard (see previous post for more details). I am combining 3 of these kits in order to span the width of the yard and create a nice modelled feature where you’ll able to look through […]

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STRUCTURES UPDATE: Metra station build update

I’ve finished the initial build of the first Metra station. Still plenty more to do, such as weathering and interior details, but for now it is perfect for testing the initial track plan of Western Yard. The Metra station is on the Western side of the yard, at the back, with the mainline and yard in front, so that is how I will position it on my layout. However, the prototype Western Avenue Metra Station just has two long waiting rooms, no actual station building, so I will purchase a few more of these kits, as well as various other […]

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An hour a day?

I’ve started trying to do an hour a day, or a least a half-hour a day in the layout room. I’ve started building the Kato/Faller North American Suburban Station (which is close enough to a few of the Metra stations), mainly because I need to make sure I get the track spacing correct on the next layout board. The next board will be the Western Avenue Yard, including the Western Avenue Metra Station, which is the first board coming off the top of the helix. Building this station will allow me to use it to test the track layout and […]

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