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I recently received a few of the new Showcase Miniatures Modern Signal Bridges, essential for any modern layout. I’m almost finished the build of my first one (still have to add the signals), but so far am very impressed! Relatively easy to put together, although I did make a slight error and had to adjust the fit slightly, but I know what I did wrong and my next one will be perfect 🙂

So, excuse the unfinished build photo, but just had to show you – this is one signal bridge kit with one extension piece kit in the middle, to cross two tracks, with a large space between them (the single signal bridge kit will easily span a normally-spaced double-track). I’ve painted it with aluminium colour paint, with a light black wash.

There is a slight sag where the extension piece joins the right span, but that was due to the error I made! When done following the instructions properly, they fit together seamlessly (and yes, I have just noticed one of the walkways is not glued down!).

I will be doing a build video of one of these, so please keep an eye out for it soon! And yes, there is a (short) layout update video coming soon!