I’ve starting adding the two signals for the lower staging yard. The Metra yard does not really need one as that passenger service will be run automatically by Railroad & Co’s TrainController, but it’s nice to have anyway. I’m using SignaTrak’s SIGM20 signal controller for this as it has all the logic built in for automatic signals (as opposed to Digtrax’s SE8C which requires JMRI to provide the signal logic). These signals will protect movements up and down the helix, making sure there are no cornfield meets…as long as the engineers obey the signal indications! I will be adding another […]

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LAYOUT UPDATE: DCC drawer complete

I have added a drawer underneath the lower staging yard to hold the Digitrax Command Station (DCS100) and it’s power supply, my RaspberryPi which runs JMRI , the Tam Valley Depot 5A Booster for the accessory power bus and the power strip for the BDL160 & DAC20 power supplies (with spare for others if needed). I got this idea from a few YouTube channels and thought it was a brilliant idea – provides a place for all the DCC equipment as well as making it easily acccessible by using a drawer.

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LAYOUT UPDATE: Track bus & droppers installed

Well, a few days later than planned, but only a few more droppers to connect to the track bus and all will be ready for testing on the first lower staging board. Both the track buses have been installed (one for the Metra yard, one for the freight yard), connected to a PSX-2 circuit breaker to create two separate power districts in case of shorts on either one, so it doesn’t shut both down. I’ve installed the DAC20 accessory decoder for the Seep switch motors, but still have to install 3 more motors before this installation is complete. All that […]

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LAYOUT UPDATE: Track feeders, switch machines, block detection

Very productive Saturday! I’ve started adding the track feeders, switch machines and block detectors to the first staging yard board. So far I have added the feeders for the detected blocks (orange for the Freight yard, and yellow for the Metra yard), installed two Digitrax BDL168 block detectors (one for each yard) as well as a DCC Specialities PSX-2 circuit breaker (1 power district for each yard). As you can see I have used Seep solenoid switch machines – this is purely because I already have these and I have a Signatrak DAC20 accessory decoder already programmed up for these […]

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