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Well, a few days later than planned, but only a few more droppers to connect to the track bus and all will be ready for testing on the first lower staging board. Both the track buses have been installed (one for the Metra yard, one for the freight yard), connected to a PSX-2 circuit breaker to create two separate power districts in case of shorts on either one, so it doesn’t shut both down.

I’ve installed the DAC20 accessory decoder for the Seep switch motors, but still have to install 3 more motors before this installation is complete. All that is left is to connect the remaining common rail droppers to the two track buses, then I can test the track power as well as the block detection. I have tested the Seep motors and they are all working as expected when accessed via the switch commands on the throttle.

As they say…DCC is only two wires….right? đŸ˜€