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I’ve starting adding the two signals for the lower staging yard. The Metra yard does not really need one as that passenger service will be run automatically by Railroad & Co’s TrainController, but it’s nice to have anyway. I’m using SignaTrak’s SIGM20 signal controller for this as it has all the logic built in for automatic signals (as opposed to Digtrax’s SE8C which requires JMRI to provide the signal logic). These signals will protect movements up and down the helix, making sure there are no cornfield meets…as long as the engineers obey the signal indications!

Here is the proceed aspect for the signal leaving the Metra yard. I have not fixed the signal down yet as just need to find the best place for it
Here is the stop indication for the signal leaving the Metra yard – the Metra service has just passsed the signal on its way up the helix (loco leading)

I will be adding another signal for the Freight yard, then will add two more signals at the top of the helix protecting operations going down the helix. Eventually I will have a whole series of signals across the layout protecting interlockings and turnouts, with ABS and/or CTC signalling (as per prototype on the Chicago sub) – I just need to do some research to find out what systems are in use on the Chicago sub.