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I have added a drawer underneath the lower staging yard to hold the Digitrax Command Station (DCS100) and it’s power supply, my RaspberryPi which runs JMRI , the Tam Valley Depot 5A Booster for the accessory power bus and the power strip for the BDL160 & DAC20 power supplies (with spare for others if needed). I got this idea from a few YouTube channels and thought it was a brilliant idea – provides a place for all the DCC equipment as well as making it easily acccessible by using a drawer.

The drawer underneath the lower staging yard, with a UP5 panel for throttles and also to show track power status
Clockwise, from back left to bottom right: BDL168 & DAC20 power supplies, power supply for command station, command station (DCS100), UT5 panel, TAM Valley 5A Accessory Power Booster, RR-CirKits LocoBuffer, RaspberryPi running JMRI