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I started on the basic track weathering today, using a Floquil Enamel Paint Marker I had left over from my previous layout. Don’t think they are available anymore, so I’ll be looking for a replacement. I think MiG has a range of pens that can do the same thing?

These markers make it really easy to paint the rails, without having to break out the airbrush.

I used the Rust colour to weather the Western Avenue yard tracks. I’ll do the same for the lower staging tracks, but I’ll have to use a replacement product as I think this one has now run out.

Even adding light layer of rust to the rails can be really effective in showing the difference between the mainline (the 4 tracks at the rear), and the yard tracks in front.

However, before starting the rail painting, I added Peco joiner sleepers to fill in all the gaps where I had removed ties to join the tracks. These sleepers are designed to slide right in and clip underneath the rails to replace the removed ties.

I then sprayed these ties with the Camo paint I had used for the track earlier to blend them in.

I’ll hopefully get the rest of the lower yard tracks painted in the next two weeks (we’re away next weekend), then I can start looking at adding signal bridges, then I can ballast the track.

Still trying to decide on ballast colour, then the hard work on trying to get hold of proper real rock ballast here in the UK instead of having to ship a heavy box of Arizona Rock & Mineral ballast across the Atlantic to the UK!