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I’ve taken the plunge and have cut the first baseboard to lower the front section in order to install the roads and underpasses under Western Avenue yard.

I’ve cut out the front section of the baseboard – the helix comes in on the right-hand side

I took the plywood top I had cut out and installed it on the now lowered cross-bracing. I then printed a mock-up of one of the underpasses and placed it on the lowered board to test the height.

Here is the StreetView of the one of the underpasses (S. Wood Street)
I printed it out and placed it in the approximate location on the board. It needs to be scaled, but it gives a good idea of what it will look like
Closeup of the scene. I’ll be building the underpass from plastic and my wife will help paint the graffiti

Next step is to paint the baseboard with undercoat paint to seal it, then start adding the track underlay.