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An exciting new product line has just been announced! Showcase Miniatures, well known for their quality HO and N scale vehicles, buildings and signals, have just released their N scale Type D Hooded Signals, perfect for modern outline model railroads – finally we can have modern prototype signals on our N scale layouts. This kit is actually 3 separate items (purchased individually), meaning you can customise it as you want, whether you want a single head on a mast, double head, just use the signal heads on a gantry…the choice is yours.

Here is a short introduction to this signal kit. Showcase Miniatures very kindly sent me some pre-production samples to put together, and in this video I show you the finished kit. A tutorial on how to build this signal will be on my channel later today.

Here are links to the 3 components:

N Mast Assembly #3:

N Color Light Signal Head:

N Scale D-Type Color Light LED: