YARD DESIGN: Testing the track spacing

Nothing better than testing the track in 1:1…as I found out, the initial track plan had a flaw, where the throwbar hit the track next to it, so I had to adjust the spacing (adding in 2cm pieces of track) to move the turnouts slightly away from each other. In this photo I am testing the whole yard spacing, making sure the turnouts don’t interfere with each other and the adjoining track. Another good reason is to check where the turnouts are in relation to the module crosspieces, so that switch motors can be installed without having to offset them […]

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YARD DESIGN: Planning the staging yard

Planning is progressing well for the lower level staging yard. Using AnyRail, I’ve been trying out a few designs for the two staging yards, one for the freight and one for the Metra passenger service. While using track planning software helps a huge deal, nothing beats laying it out in situ. In fact, doing so showed up a huge flaw in the AnyRail plan I’d done, or rather, the way AnyRail does the turnout drawing (I’ll show you what that was in a future video). In the meantime, I printed out the adjusted track plan and overlaid it on the […]

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