YARD DESIGN: Planning the staging yard

Planning is progressing well for the lower level staging yard. Using AnyRail, I’ve been trying out a few designs for the two staging yards, one for the freight and one for the Metra passenger service. While using track planning software helps a huge deal, nothing beats laying it out in situ. In fact, doing so showed up a huge flaw in the AnyRail plan I’d done, or rather, the way AnyRail does the turnout drawing (I’ll show you what that was in a future video). In the meantime, I printed out the adjusted track plan and overlaid it on the […]

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HELIX BUILD: Block Detection – Episode 9

Follow along as I continue the build of my N scale model railroad. In this episode I complete the helix build by showing you the hardware I use for the block detection of my helix and give you a demonstration of the block detection in use. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow my layout building progress. Also please follow my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/chicagosubnscale as I will be adding photos and updates to that as I build my new layout.

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