Well, a tiny update is better than no update! I’ve installed my first two Showcase Miniatures hooded signals, connected via a Digitrax SE8C signal decoder. They look amazing! I’ve also been working on the main Western Avenue board, all track buses in place, along with accessory bus and LocoNet cable. Next is to start laying track. I’ll hopefully get an update video done next week…have literally had no time to shoot any video this past month..! Mind you, I hadn’t done any work on the layout till last week!

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LAYOUT UPDATE: Finally…back to the layout!

After a quiet month on the layout building progress, I finally had some time to get back to work! Wiring up the main Western Avenue Yard board (including the Western Avenue Metra Station), ready for the track laying. Printed out the latest track plan (although added another yard track in front after printing this), testing out the turnout positions to make sure nothing interferes with the location of the switch machines. All good to go!

LAYOUT UPDATE: Finally…back to the layout! Read More